Benny Carroll

I help you bring calmness, sustainability, & confidence to nutrition.

Online Personal Training

I take a personalised approach for each and every client. I offer an online coaching service built on sustainable nutritional behaviours and thought out training programmes and I’m damn good at what I do.

If it's not sustainable, be prepared to start over and over again.

How i can help you

I’m an online personal trainer who works with people just like you, and I’m damn good at it. 

I‘ve coached 100’s of people to lose 20+ kilograms, get the strongest they’ve been, and regain their confidence.

I’m sick and tired of seeing people go “all in” only to end up “all out” and further from their goals. Seeking perfection and killing their ability to make change. Damaging their relationship with food through restriction.  Attaching all sense of achievement to the weighing scales. Having to start over and over again as you opt for unsustainable changes.

This is the white smoke I help you navigate. The habits I help you break. And the self destructive behaviours I help you recognise. 

Another diet is not the answer, and I have a funny feeling that you already know that.

I’m here to help you become your confident self again.

What To Expect From My Coaching…

Think about it. You’re all in – you’re obsessive, banning foods, training daily, overhauling your life. How long will that intensity last? How will you cope when you decide to consume those foods again or miss a couple of sessions? Will you class it as failing? Spiral out of control into an emotional binge? Attaching success on unrealistic actions will result in ending up “all out”. In complete fuck it mode. Totally off the wagon.  Clients who are all in all out. We break that thought process.

It never has, and it never will. The sooner you accept that, the less time and money you’ll spend on shitty crash diets. Cutting foods out, does not solve the root problem. It masks it. Only to be uncovered when emotions get high. By restricting, we acknowledge that these foods have a power over us that we cannot control. Fearful that when consumed, we will not be able to control ourselves and the floodgates will open, and there you are “off the diet” again. We focus on normalising, not restricting.

“I’ll be happy when I hit X weight”, “I’ll be happy when I have X amount of money”, “I’ll be happy when I have X title”.

This is not how the world works, and definitely not how the fitness world works. We rush the journey to our arbitrary destination, only to realise that it was never the answer. It’s anticlimactic. Prioritise performance goals, celebrate the small wins as you progress week to week, month to month and year to year. That arbitrary destination will come as a by-product of finding true happiness in the experiences of overcoming challenges and developing behaviours that align with our goals along the way. We find happiness in the now.

Attaching all sense of accomplishment and success to the weight on the scales is going to fail you. So let’s say the scale going up or down, you do not to be relying on scale validation, because if I if a scale goes up, then you’re fucked. You’re so stuck in your own mind and you’re so overidentified with the scales that you’re emotionally a hostage tot hem. They go up, and the first thought that comes to your head is you’ve failed. It should not control your emotions in such a way that it dictates your mood, if down you’re in great form, if it stays the same of goes up slightly you get depressed. We work on breaking this black and white thinking.

I pride my coaching on the Implementation of the Following Three components:

Prioritisation, Flexibility, &


Drastic changes that we cannot sustain for long periods of time, do not lead to long term lifestyle changes. I emphasise the importance of auditing your schedule and highlighting potential opportunities to introduce exercise, and building our exercise routine into your already busy schedule and not having to change your schedule to carry out your training. This will allow us develop the habit of training, by planning ahead and prioritising.

We don’t do crash diets or strict dieting. There are no good foods or bad foods, simply just better choices based on your goals. You do not have to sacrifice your favourite foods or your couple of beers in order to lose weight, and we put a strong emphasis on ensuring that we work these foods into your diet. Flexible dieting is the only way to ensure that we learn to control our eating behaviours and maintain sustainable fat loss for the rest of our lives.

We provide in depth information on all aspects of the programming, both nutritional and physical. This is to empower you so you have the knowledge to implement the practices you learn for the rest of your life. Closing the knowledge gap so that you know exactly how to make adjustments, why you are making them, and the outcomes you can expect to achieve. This will ensure you have the know how to continue on your journey for the rest of your life.

Online Personal Training Is For You If…

You’ve tried every sort of crash diet under the sun, cutting out your favourite foods and demonising certain foods, but yet you’re still caught in the never ending cycle of starting and stopping. You’re finally ready to break this cycle and no longer live with the frustration of your weight constantly fluctuating up and down. 

You’re at your widths end and are ready to fully commit to becoming a better version of you. There are no quick fixes or magic pills. This will take time, and you have to respect that. You need to commit to change. This is what will keep you positive and on the path when things get tough, and they will, I won’t bullshit you. But you have to really want this for you.

You’re stuck in a rut and you’re ready to break the mould and take control of your life again. The confidence gained from taking your health and fitness by the reigns and making positive changes is unrivalled and translates into all aspects of life, including your career and your relationships. The fitter version of you is more focused, more relaxed and more confident. Take ownership of your confidence.

You’re ready to finally get the results you’ve always wanted in a smart, individualised, and sustainable manner. We focus on introducing and implementing a number of simple habits that will ensure you achieve life changing results, that you can maintain for a lifetime. We work hard, but we work smart. Everything is individualised to make sure we meet you where you are currently at, so we can get you to where you want to go.

Still not sure if my coaching is for you?

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Break The Vicious Cycle Of Being “On” and “Off” Diets And Make Lasting Change.

With years of experience working with clients just like you, I can help you break the cycle of being all in and then all out, so you can finally achieve the results you’ve always wanted, in a sustainable manner.